Child Support

The divorce process can be quite complicated on its own, and when children are involved the possible complications are exponentially greater. A parent’s duty to support their child does not end at divorce, so when parents separate it’s vital to make sure there is an agreement about child support. Ensuring children are properly supported will help protect the needs of children during and after a divorce.

Attorney Zachary Marsh works diligently to meet the needs of children in all family law matters, while focusing on the future of your children. Equitable and fair child support is best for your children and all involved parties.

Although Minnesota child support guidelines are based on a formula, there are some circumstances where the court will deviate from these guidelines, effectively reducing or increasing the amount of ordered child support.

Factors that are considered in the amount of statutorily ordered child support can include:

  • Gross monthly income of both parents
  • Number of children living in each parent’s home
  • Existing child support orders
  • Monthly expenses for medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Spousal support being paid by one parent to the other
  • Child care costs
  • Amount of parenting time

In some cases where both parents make equal incomes and have equal parenting time with the children, neither parent would owe the other child support. A parent’s child support obligation tends to increase as their income increases, or down as their number of parenting overnights decreases. Whichever financial issues require attention in your case, determining how much child support you will receive or be ordered to pay is crucial in the process of divorce and for your life moving forward.

Sometimes the financial needs of a family will change over time. Attorney Zachary Marsh helps families fight for changes in their child support arrangement to ensure children have what they need or the parent paying support is not facing undue financial strain. Even if you and the other party agree on the changes, it is important to complete the legal process for child support modifications. As experienced Minnesota child support attorneys, Marsh PLLC can guide you through the process to change your child support agreement.

You need experienced, compassionate legal advice whether you are at the start of a divorce or parentage action, are looking for guidance on child or support or custody matters, or are already in an agreement that you wish to have changed. It is essential to have an experienced child support lawyer who understands Minnesota family law and ensures that your child support order is appropriate for your family’s financial situation.

With his many years working as a child support lawyer, Zachary Marsh prefers to utilize alternative dispute resolution wherever possible. With his broad experience in mediation as well as litigation, Zachary utilizes these more harmonious means whenever possible, and keeps the interest and well-being of your children first and foremost in mind.

Whereas some child support lawyers push for litigation, Zachary knows that in most cases keeping the process of negotiation as amicable as possible is the best thing for your children. While he has solid litigation experience as a child support lawyer, he also has comprehensive experience in mediation and is skilled at finding solutions that work for everyone.