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Minneapolis, Minnesota Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a major life change that brings up strong emotions and calls for careful consideration. The future lives of you and your loved ones stand to be greatly affected by decisions made during this transition. Divorce proceedings need to be handled under the supervision of a skilled divorce attorney. When you partner with Attorney Zachary Marsh, you benefit from his years of experience in negotiation, dispute resolution, and litigation, as well as his compassionate approach to family law matters.

While divorce and separation are central to his work as a divorce lawyer, Zachary Marsh also helps clients with child custody, support and visitation cases. In addition to the division of marital property, clients who are separating may need consultation and advocacy regarding alimony and spousal support. Name changes, annulments, paternity disagreements, grandparents’ rights, and appellate work all fall under his comprehensive list of practice areas.

Resolving the legal issues associated with a Minnesota divorce can be daunting, to say the least. With such complex issues to resolve it can often be difficult to keep stress and uncertainty in check. Marsh PLLC understands the concerns and challenges you are experiencing. Zach works diligently to eliminate uncertainty by implementing his tried and tested years of experience in the field. He’s assisted hundreds of clients through the process of divorce and takes pride in minimizing stress so you can get on with your life.

At Marsh PLLC we can assist with all aspects of divorce and divorce-related matters, including:

  • Property division – Whether your marital estate is straightforward or complex, you deserve an equitable share of everything gained and acquired during your marriage. In a high net worth divorce, such as where your marital estate includes things such as small businesses, real estate holdings, and substantial retirement/investment accounts, there are many issues to consider when determining what constitutes an ‘equitable’ division such as tax consequences, availability of funds, and potential income from investments. Zach has the experience necessary to assist you in navigating through these complex financial issues.
  • Spousal maintenance/support – Whether you are seeking spousal maintenance (alimony) or are facing the prospect of paying maintenance to your former spouse, Attorney Zachary Marsh is competent and accomplished at protecting his clients’ overall financial strategies within the bounds of the law.
  • Child custody and parenting time – Paramount to any divorce where children are involved is the duty of protecting your parent-child relationship. Marsh PLLC has a comprehensive understanding of how to safeguard your rights as a parent so that you can continue nurturing your child as you deem best. To reach a positive outcome Zachary Marsh strives to bring tenacity as well as compassion to every family law case.
  • Child support – an equitable child support agreement benefits you and your child. Marsh PLLC is well versed in navigating Minnesota child support guidelines to ensure your child support obligation is appropriate and fair.
  • Modifications – a modification may be in order if there has been a change in circumstances which renders your current family court order unreasonable, unfair, or no longer workable. We have experience with both pursuing and opposing such modifications.
  • Appeals – If you have received an Order that you believe should be challenged in the Appellate Courts, Zach has the experience necessary to give you an honest assessment of the likelihood you will prevail and represent you at the Appellate Court level if you choose to proceed.

Don’t enter the divorce process with your financial future, or that of your children, on the line. Trust the firm of Marsh PLLC will work hard to ensure that your children, property and financial future are protected.