Dispute Resolution

Marsh PLLC has the unique experience and ability to navigate the process of divorce not just through litigation, but via alternative means such as mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. Not all divorce and family law cases require resolution in court. In fact, alternative dispute resolution often results in the most positive outcome. After all, when people arrive at their own agreements they tend to be more satisfied and more likely to honor the terms of the decision.

During a dispute resolution process, both parties work confidentially with a legal team in order to reach equitable agreements on various contested issues. With the aid of a mediator or similar neutral, both parties sit down and attempt to settle their disputes. In mediation, no one is right and no one is wrong.  Rather, mediation seeks consensus. Dispute resolution can significantly reduce the time to resolution, stress, and the legal fees for everyone involved.

The first step in choosing which option is right for you is understanding which alternative dispute resolution methods are available for your particular case. Marsh PLLC has experience resolving cases through a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods and the experience to help you determine which is most appropriate for you.

Conflict such as divorce and child custody disputes tend to be very emotional experiences full of anger, disappointment, betrayal, and fear. It’s human nature for people to want to go to court so someone officially proclaims they’re ’right’ or so they can ’win’.  However, litigation comes with a risk and a price. For one, the court may decide that you’re the ‘loser’, whereas with dispute resolution the goal is to reach consensus which is truly a win/win. Second, going to court is expensive! Dispute resolution is often more efficient and less costly.

While dispute resolution works well in many cases, it’s not suitable in every situation. If there is substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, or a significant power imbalance between the parties, mediation may not be appropriate. If mediation is not suitable for your case, Marsh PLLC is also able to provide skilled advocacy in court.

Part of navigating a difficult conflict is the very natural desire to return to life as normal. Working with a mediator to voluntarily come to agreement via dispute resolution methods is faster, more harmonious, and less costly, allowing all parties to get on with their lives as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Working as a mediator allows Zach to empower people toward making their own satisfactory agreements rather than going to the greater cost and risk of taking things to court. Not only do clients who go the route of dispute resolution generally save money, they tend to be much happier with the terms of their settlement.

Zachary Marsh is a resourceful mediator who strives to help people reach settlement where all parties participate in crafting the terms of their own resolution agreement. He is a strong proponent of using dispute resolution prior to litigation. He strives to deliver these benefits to clients so that everyone can walk away feeling in control of their lives moving forward.