Minneapolis, Minnesota Court Order Enforcement Attorney

Court orders are the written decisions of the Court which the parties involved have either agreed to abide by or have been required to abide by if no agreement was reached. These Orders essentially set the ground rules for the parties moving forward. The final divorce decree details these decisions or rules between you and your ex-partner on many issues, including division of property, child custody and child support. If your former spouse fails to uphold his or her part of the court-ordered agreement, it may be time to think about enforcement of your divorce decree.

Enforcement may be the best course of action when a spouse or ex-spouse fails to live up to court-ordered obligations such as:

  • allowing access to your children for parenting time
  • paying child support
  • paying spousal support
  • division of assets and property
  • payment of marital debts and obligations
  • abiding by a restraining order

It’s important all parties comply with all requirements laid out within a court order, as failure to abide by a court order can result in further legal complications including fines and even being placed in jail in certain limited circumstances. In family law cases the enforcement of court orders is especially important because they have been enacted to secure the financial obligations of both parties as well as to protect the interests and wellbeing of your children.

The Court Order Enforcement Process

When you retain our firm to represent you, we thoroughly review any binding Court Orders and discuss the facts of your particular situation so that we can comprehensively assess your options for obtaining compliance. If a party has not lived up to their obligations under an existing order, we can present you with options that may remedy this. This often includes seeking further assistance from the Court.

While Marsh PLLC often utilizes more harmonious approaches such as mediation, there are some situations where one party simply refuses to comply with a court order. In such cases it may be necessary to request the court hold that person in contempt. Involving the courts may be the only way that person will comply, as the courts can compel compliance by issuing severe consequences if they do not.

We work with you to come to the best solution for moving forward and assist you toward preventing other problems down the road. If you retain Marsh PLLC to represent you, we will work diligently to explain all of your options and their possible results, provide you with access to the resources you need both inside and out of the legal process, and keep you fully informed of the progress in your case.

Compassionate Enforcement

When you partner with Attorney Zachary Marsh, you benefit from his compassionate approach to family law matters as well as his years of experience in the field. He will work diligently to ensure that you are fully informed so you have the ability to make wise decisions about which approach is most likely to achieve the results you desire.

Get in touch with our experienced divorce lawyers to enforce your court order today. If you are having difficulty enforcing a court order, it is important that you work with a Minneapolis, Minnesota divorce lawyer with the enforcement experience needed to work through the process and ensure that all parties are living up to their obligations.